Quantifiable Trust

Modex develops scalable products and services that transform the way data and digital assets are stored, shared, and managed using blockchain technology.

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Enterprise Blockchain

Modex Blockchain Database® (BCDB) is our patented innovation that combines traditional databases with distributed blockchain technology to harness the full potential of both. It is designed to offer real-time data protection and integrity, streamlined data sharing, and simplified compliance processes. No migration downtimes, no steep learning curve.

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Case studies

Bringing Blockchain
Innovation to the World

This is not about blockchain; it's about the possibilities it creates and the people it empowers. Discover our enterprise use cases to understand how utility-oriented blockchain applications are tackling real-life business challenges.



Real-time settlement, streamlined auditing and reporting, significantly reduced processing times, and lower risk of errors and delays.



Increasing transparency and efficiency in supply networks with real-time updates for all participants, strong privacy rules, and complete product and document histories.



Patients can manage their digital medical files and give others access when necessary, always being aware of who can see their data.



Making institutional processes more efficient, enhancing the credibility of public data, increasing citizens’ level of trust in government.

Modex Ecosystem

Promoting transparency and trust in the digital economy through a suite
of blockchain-based products, tools, and frameworks.


Modex Wallet

A mobile application and admin destined for end-users registered as natural persons to manage their MODEX assets portfolio.


Payment Gateway

A bridge between Ethereum and Bitcoin Mainnet and Modex Network which allows the burning and minting of equivalent tokens.


Modex Network

A blockchain network that will hold the MODEX tokens as well as NFTs and other tokens launched by clients and partners.

Harnessing the Power of Connections

We are working in synergy with a network of handpicked business, technology and educational partners in various spaces to accelerate Blockchain innovation and adoption.


Investment areas

Our support goes towards areas that have the biggest impact on people's lives: healthcare, education, and financial empowerment.

Public value

We make strategic technological investements in programs and projects with long-lasting effects at the local, national, and global level.

Engaged blockchain community

We encourage people who believe in our causes to give more by matching their donations in crypto or fiat.

Our mission

The Modex Foundation supports Modex’s efforts to team up with public and private sector organizations around the world to advance technology innovation.

Global Impact Investments

Designed to provide support to eligible public or private organizations around the globe in developing high-impact technology projects.

Community Donations (crypto/fiat)

We create mechanisms that allow anyone to contribute to projects that use technology to bring value to society, using both crypto and fiat transactions.