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Join the Modex developer platform and receive 1,000 bonus tokens when you publish your first smart contract.

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DEV Platform

Streamline the writing process and make smart contracts even smarter


A valuable tool used to build, test and deploy smart contracts and DApps


Monetize your smart contracts and DApps using our marketplace


Modex’s Academy Courses are the starting point for your blockchain certification

Our tools. Your World.

The Modex Developer ecosystem allows the use of various programming languages, providing the full set of tools needed to learn, create, test, deploy and sell smart contracts and DApps.

Focus on Development

In order to streamline the writing process and to make smart contracts even smarter, the Modex team has integrated a suite of oracles which will allow developers to call external APIs in a secure manner. Moreover, we are also offering developers an extensive toolkit which will aid them in delivering high quality content.



Developers will be able to use it to build, test and deploy smart contracts and DApps

Block Explorer

Block explorer for the test network, smart contracts deployed on the basis of a purchase

Source Code Audit

Streamline all those processes and significantly reduce the costs involved

Welcome home, Developers!

With a variety of smart contracts to choose from, written by some of the best developers from all over the world, Modex Marketplace is the best place to find the software products you need. On our dedicated platform, businesses can discover smart contracts, filter them accordingly and buy the ones best suited to the company’s future growth.

Explore DEV Platform


Bounties offer businesses the possibility to request smart contracts from Modex

Deployment Module

Allows a customer to deploy a customisable smart contract, test smart contracts and more

Test before Buy

The “test before buy” option allows a preview of the smart contract you need

Seamless Transition

Take the leap and become a certified blockchain developer. The Modex Academy courses have been curated by experts and provide foundation knowledge as well as advanced modules.

Knowledge Base

All the major terms related to blockchain explained in a very easy-to-follow manner


Learn today and enrich your blockchain knowledge so you can enjoy a brighter future

Exam Platform

Prove your blockchain skills in an online exam and receive a Modex certified diploma

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