Tailored innovation made simple.

Everything we do at Modex is driven by our mission to solve real life problems and respond to real business demands through an ecosystem of high-quality, reliable software solutions built by a highly experienced and motivated team.



Building relevant software applications on top of our Blockchain Database infrastructure to serve specific industries and use-cases, which can be adapted and customized for customers based on a flexible subscription model.



Infrastructure designed to grow alongside other software products that can be integrated to bring market value, enabling joint technical efforts to fast-track initiatives and create unique product bundlings, thus expanding into untapped markets.



Providing high technical expertise and business acumen to clients across the entire software development journey. Modex provides support for unique projects from beginning to end, building scalable, future-ready products.



The MODEX utility token represents the governing currency of the Modex ecosystem, and it enables stakeholders to join our Network of Trust and benefit from the innovative products developed using our patented technology.

Our Offices

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Silicon Valley
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Silicon Valley

385 Moffett Park Dr, Sunnyvale, CA 94089, USA



Wework 145 City Road, Hoxton, London, United Kingdom, EC1V 1AZ



3rd District, 19A Baba-Novac, RO



Madison Building, Midtown, Queensway, Gibraltar GX11 1AA

Meet the Founders

Modex was founded by a group of entrepreneurs with a passion for innovative technology and a vision to bring the potential of blockchain to the world.

Mihai Ivascu

CEO & Co-founder

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A serial entrepreneur who started his first software company at the age of 18, Mihai won the “EY Emerging Entrepreneur of The Year In Technology” Award in 2021, he is part of the exclusive Forbes 30 Under 30 community and has been chosen, on many occasions, as one of the best young managers in the tech industry.

Alin Iftemi

GM & Co-founder

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A full stack developer, he is the main driving force behind Modex, responsible for developing the company’s strategy, while actively searching how to implement new technologies to gain a competitive advantage. As an avid tech enthusiast, Alin is fascinated by domains such as blockchain or artificial intelligence.

Dragos Rautu

CTO & Co-founder

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Dragos has 15 years of experience in software development and deep knowledge of enterprise blockchain solutions. He has a background in the banking and energy industries, having worked on solutions for customer digital engagement, AML, KYC, fraud, utilities systems, energy balance market, next day market, and plant management systems.

Laura Manescu

CDO & Co-founder

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Laura’s tech journey of more than 15 years has included work in software development, banking, and fintech, leading her to develop a thrilling and unique management style that has enabled her to effectively oversee the creation and implementation of innovative fintech and blockchain software solutions.

Our story

The journey started with award-winning social payments app Moneymailme, which inspired us to create Modex back in 2017. Initially designed as a Smart Contract Marketplace and app ecosystem, Modex transformed into a thriving blockchain-based solutions provider.

Our fast-growing ecosystem now features the MODEX Token as well as Modex Blockchain Database® (BCDB), a patented enterprise blockchain solution that augments traditional databases with the capabilities and benefits of blockchain: real-time data protection and integrity, streamlined data sharing, and simplified compliance processes.

Media Kit

Download the full Modex Media Kit including Founders’ bio, our
story, mission, and logos.

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