Our mission is to fast-track blockchain adoption

Modex is a technology company that builds blockchain solutions. Developers, small and big businesses use Modex to integrate blockchain technology into their infrastructure and products.

The potential of the blockchain technology

At the very end of the digital chain, blockchain appears like a saviour with the precise mission to do things in a different way. In its core is about offering people the power of decentralization, but its scope is to facilitate collaboration and tracking of all kinds of transactions and interactions.

With a state-of-the-art cryptography and consensus mechanism, the blockchain technology has the potential to disrupt almost every single industry from our economic order. And we are, at Modex, the entry point for enterprise-grade blockchain solutions.

Blockchain Infrastructure

Our flagship product geared towards assisting companies and developers to integrate blockchain easier and faster.

Enterprise Grade

We can get you up and running with your first enterprise blockchain project in a couple of hours.

Developers First

Multiple blockchain and database support, GraphQL, REST API, TCP drivers and Web-based workbench IDE.

Flexible Pricing

Free up to 25k writes, you can pay on the go, only for what you use, without fixed and long contracts.

Community Products

Modex assists the development community with cutting edge tools and up to date documentation.


IDE & GIT Platform

Developing blockchain solutions has never been easier. We provide all the tools you need to develop on top of the Ethereum blockchain in one single place.


We help developers monetize their development skills by solving bounties or selling smart contracts on the Modex Marketplace.


Our blockchain courses will help you build valuable technical skills, so you can compete in the blockchain job market and beyond.

We radically simplify blockchain development. With Modex BCDB hybrid infrastructures are easy to integrate using a single API.

Alin IftemiHead of Modex

Partners who Trust Us

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Evonomix is a marketing and technology company specialized in strategy, interaction design, engineering and digital commerce.

Life Learning Passport is a non-profit organization that brings a refresh in learning through mindmaps and tech magic.

Maillon is a B2B2C newly founded platform offering a software-as-a-service solution for retailers and lenders.

Our Offices

San Francisco

Media Kit

Download Modex full Media Kit including Founders’ and Management bio, our story, mission and logos.