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On September 10th, Alin Iftemi, Modex’s Head and Co-Founder, was one of the speakers at “Demo Day Grinders” by BCR-InnovX, powered by Microsoft. The event gathered some of the brightest tech minds in Romania, people who can change the world through their initiatives and ideas.

Modex’s Head and Co-founder took part in the “Growth through converging future technologies” panel moderated by InnovX’s Daniel Dumitrescu, together with Alina Irma Orban (Microsoft Romania) and Alexandru Mihailciuc (UiPath). During the event, the Modex Special Award – consisting of 3 years free license of Modex BCDB software and free consulting for implementation, as well as an exclusive dinner with Modex’s top management – went to APIO DIGITAL.

Commenting on the panel’s main theme – “How we can mix and blend technologies in order to innovate” – Alin stated: “We believe it’s very important to focus on these partnerships and on these technologies. I’ve seen a lot of interesting start-ups lately, even Romanian ones, and I believe that we should have more often meetings and meet-ups where we can exchange ideas because over the past 3 weeks I’ve seen more than 10 opportunities of converging technologies. I’m not speaking here about how blockchain can be applied to certain industries like automotive or another domain, but about pure product bundling which can help us, as well as our partners, in many ways.”

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Alin also highlighted the partnerships that Modex has with UiPath and Microsoft. “Our product is – by design – a mix of partnerships. We integrate lots of databases and we have become technical partners with almost all of them. With UiPath we have a technical partnership – we have integrated immutability into the logs – and Microsoft is also a valued partner for us. I believe these partnerships are running smoothly and I think that in today’s world it’s important to get help from bigger companies and, in turn, help smaller ones. No matter the size of the companies which decide to partner, the chances to succeed on the market and to reach a wider audience are greater after you’ve done the partnership than before. Modex is always open for new partnerships.”

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Alin added: “Recently, our company’s focus was to pilot a lot of customers, we have analyzed a lot of use cases from several industries, and our activity has been focused lately on this: trying to find relevant technological partners to connect or integrate more solutions, find co-selling partners, etc. We are currently in a sales campaign, but everything starts from the technological partnership. For the near future, the market is already set based on these partnerships. Looking ahead, I think that we should all focus on exposing functionalities, build pluggable components in the solutions we do, and be able to adopt new partnerships and integrate with other solutions.”

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“Our latest important project, the platform done in partnership with Romania’s Ministry of Environment, is not used for election purposes, but for consulting the public on important matters related to the environment. It is the first blockchain-based platform for e-governance in Romania that enhances the level of trust and transparency by directly involving Romanian citizens and other representatives of the civil society in the decision making process”, said Alin Iftemi. 

This public consultation platform has been designed to increase the degree of democratization of the decision-making process while facilitating open and interactive participation from citizens. The goal of the eConsultare platform is to directly involve citizens in the process of establishing and verifying the feasibility of proposed projects, ensure transparency in central and local public administration while giving citizens the opportunity to become active participants in defining and addressing community issues.

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