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Choose a game-changing patented middleware that connects your legacy database to a blockchain engine, bringing data integrity, immutability, and security at the enterprise level.

Path 8405 System Agnostic

Path 8405 Enhancing Cybersecurity

Path 8405 Built-in Security and Compliance

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    Blockchain-based Enterprise IaaS

    Modex Blockchain Database (BYOL)

    We integrate and use Azure services within the Blockchain Database layer to configure an infrastructure capable of facilitating a wide range of functionalities based on each customer’s business needs.



    Blockchain technology can be integrated into legacy data systems using Modex BCDB to enhance data integrity, secure data sharing, and streamline operations. Integration through Azure is flexible and aligns with the customer’s business objectives.


    Enterprise IaaS

    Customers can easily set up a hybrid network to connect the blockchain engine that best suits their needs and the Azure cloud, allowing the creation of a network of nodes comprising different database engines and significantly cutting down on deployment time for enterprises seeking a blockchain solution.


    Click and deploy

    The agnostic blockchain database layer is deployed in the Azure customer’s tenant to enable a series of new functionalities. Once customers configure the network based on their business needs, Modex sets up the infrastructure and virtual machines accordingly.


    Enterprise Use Cases

    Hybrid Database System

    With our broad expertise in delivering enterprise blockchain services, tools, and frameworks that address a variety of industry-specific needs, we help organizations gain a competitive advantage on the market.


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