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Enable Your Software With Modex BCDB – the Blockchain Database

Up to 25,000 FREE writes per month

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    Work with your database and your preferred blockchain engine

    Modex BCDB enables blockchain adoption by connecting the blockchain infrastructure with traditional database storage engines, while still allowing you to work in familiar remote database engine environments like MongoDB, MySQL, etc.

    How Modex BCDB – the blockchain database works

    Modex BCDB implements a series of blockchain and database adapters over which the core engine orchestrates the CRUD operations, providing a REST API and TCP language-specific drivers. 

    Data are organized into entities (similar to database tables). An entity maps data from blockchain and database.

    On the database level, the blockchain metadata is also stored, as well as the full data payload, based on the specific field configurations on entity creation.

    Access for free all the features you need from a blockchain database

    • Multiple blockchain frameworks support
    • Multiple databases support
    • Data synchronization and data storage management policies
    • Smart data access
    • Record versioning
    • Security permissions and data sharing
    • API interface
    • OAuth2 server
    • GraphQL gateway and interface
    • Node licensing
    • and more…

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