A leading business accelerator from the United States, C5 Accelerate empowers, emboldens, and enables founders with bold ideas and breakthrough technologies. 

Challenge & Opportunity

Held twice a year, the C5 Accelerate program prepares businesses to scale in the U.S. market, and we are proud to be amongst the companies chosen to be part of C5 Accelerate. The program was designed to give early-stage start-ups access to investors, advanced mentorship, leadership development, and business development support.


C5’s initiatives are focused on helping participating companies to scale the diverse set of technologies which will make cities resilient, inclusive, and sustainable for a better digital future. Many of these technologies sit at the nexus of C5’s core strengths in cyberspace, AI, and cloud technologies.


The validation of Modex by one of the largest investment funds in the United States represents an important milestone in our company’s evolution over the past four years. The world-class network accelerator program offers over 100 hours of course instruction, consultations, roundtables, and workshops which aim to create measurable impact and added-value results.