Dietsmann is a leading independent Operation & Maintenance specialist for continuous-production plants in the oil and gas, conventional and nuclear power generation and mining industries, with over 40 years experience.

Challenge & Opportunity

With the help of blockchain technology, Dietsmann – which mainly works on maintaining oil rigs to ensure efficiency and safety – aims to modernize its database without having to integrate an entirely new system. Applied to the company’s Data Lab, the BCDB solution increases efficiency and security in oil rig operation.


The implementation of our Blockchain Database (BCDB) infrastructure within Dietsmann’s data operations allows both companies to experiment various use cases for the oil and gas, nuclear and mining segments.


Thanks to blockchain technology, better data processing and the delivery of improved results for clients, teams and environment are possible. Besides securing Dietsmann’s sensitive information, blockchain opens new ways of collaborating with the company’s main clients and suppliers.