The Elastic Partner Program offers assistance and incentives to companies delivering solutions based on the Elastic Stack — that’s Elasticsearch, Kibana, Beats, and Logstash.

Challenge & Opportunity

Many of our company’s potential customers, including some we could address through our partnership with UiPath, were already using products from the Elastic Stack. Therefore, we wanted to find a way to target these customers and expand our market reach by leveraging our product’s compatibility with Elastic software.


Integrating with products from the Elastic stack allows the validation of our solution at a large scale and increases our product’s database compatibility level, allowing us to address more customers. We will provide customers with access to valuable premium features and world-class Elastic support.


Our partnership agreement with Elastic gives us access to ongoing consultative technical support from Elastic, distribution rights with reselling to end customers, production support, joint market opportunities, and field sales compensation alignment.