InnovX Accelerator and BCR Business Accelerator have created one of the most ambitious hubs for entrepreneurial innovation in Central and Eastern Europe.

Challenge & Opportunity

The program offers participants immediate access to the newest technologies, top education, and global communities. It scouts for the most ambitious entrepreneurs from Central and Eastern Europe who want to scale their innovation at EU and Global Level through functional teams, innovative solutions, businesses in emerging technologies, and scalable solutions which solve global challenges.


Modex and BCR InnovX share the same values and a common passion for innovation. Our Blockchain Database (BCDB) solution can provide an answer to numerous shortcomings present in the enterprise sphere and accelerate the rhythm of blockchain adoption, bringing substantial time and cost related savings.


Our partnership with BCR InnovX set the scene for Modex specialists to hold various workshops and product presentations at multiple technology events, where attendees witnessed, first-hand, the advantages of blockchain technology in different industries through a series of use-cases.