The Microsoft for Startups program helps startups leverage Microsoft’s commercial marketplaces, its enterprise sales team, and its ever-expanding partner ecosystem to reach key global customers.

Challenge & Opportunity

Kubernetes is quickly becoming the operating system for the Cloud and has the potential for massive benefits for technology organisations and developers. With all major cloud providers now offering their own native Kubernetes service, and several container orchestration platforms rebuilding with Kubernetes as an underpinning, Modex was seeking a way to accelerate the development of scripts that enable rapid deployment of a blockchain node cluster in any customer’s cloud infrastructure.


Modex looked for the right partner that could help it quickly and efficiently develop the Kubernetes scripts, while also allowing it to benefit from a stable technological partnership and an alignment of sales efforts.


We were accepted in the Microsoft for Startups program, which gives Modex access to products and services as well as startup-focused resources to leverage Microsoft networks and expertise. Following our participation in the program, we will be eligible for IP co-selling and the solution we will build together with Microsoft will be featured in the Azure Marketplace.