MongoDB partners with organizations that offer complementary technology solutions and services.
Co-selling partners can enable the MongoDB field to be able to solve customer problems with their solutions.

Challenge & Opportunity

Our company is always seeking the best market entry strategies that don’t require major investments in sales efforts, but can still provide access to as many market opportunities as possible. Therefore, choosing the right partners – both from a technological and a market perspective – is one of the most important things we can do to carry out an efficient market expansion.


We decided that one of the best ways to optimize our Go-To-Market strategy was through strong channel partners like MongoDB. Getting free access to millions of monthly active users, launching promotions, demand generation, joint sales, and marketing. Through the partnership, MongoDB customers can discover, test, and deploy Modex BCDB and get access to onboarding and technical support.


We have partnered with MongoDB to mutually boost sales. MongoDB has an established salesforce with abundant resources and a complimentary product. Its ecosystem saves the time and expense of managing a large in-house sales team. At the same time, MongoDB will bring value to their current customers by providing them with a solution for data immutability, security, and integrity.