Setrio is a company that develops medical and pharmaceutical software. Our technological solutions address pharmacies, doctors, warehouses, and distributors, following a flexible and customer-oriented approach.

Challenge & Opportunity

Medical records are usually scattered around multiple medical facilities that use different types of data storage systems, which makes it very difficult for data to be shared among these institutions, therefore it is virtually impossible for a patient to obtain their full medical history or for a doctor to access this history. Incomplete clinical data can cause numerous issues, from delays in diagnoses to incorrect treatment prescriptions.


Blockchain technology can provide a solution through which patients can become the true owners of their digital medical files. In a blockchain-powered system, patients can grant access to physicians and medical institutions to their data only when necessary, while also informing them who can see the data, and establish new permissions/restrictions.


Together with Setrio, we have developed a PoC application that provides patients with their full medical history in a digital file with exclusively private access, regardless of the doctors, clinics, or labs through which they have accumulated this history. We have integrated blockchain technology into the platform, resulting in a highly secure, immutable, and easily accessible medical record over which patients have complete ownership and control.