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Orchestrator Security Compliance

Creating a tamper-resistant ​ecosystem for UiPath Orchestrator by bringing new levels of data traceability as it tracks all changes made to the monitored data.

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Digitalizing decision-making in the public sector

eConsultare solution allows citizens to cast votes on projects or legislative proposals issued by the Environment Ministry.

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Digital identity for seafarers

Authenticate the link between seafarers' digital and “offline” identities and certifications for the sake of everyone at sea.

Combating SMS fraud

Combating SMS fraud

Enabling telecom operators to mitigate, filter and reject fraudulent SMSs, thus protecting their business customers and end-subscribers.

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Permissioned healthcare records

Blockchain-based approach to patient-provider medical records aiming to enhance information exchange, reduce costs, simplify procedures, and increase visibility and control of patient data.

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Securing land registration using blockchain

A blockchain-based approach to registering property titles could increase the efficiency of transaction processing and prevent property fraud.

Cross border remittance solution

Cross-border remittance solution

Cross-border remittance solutions to serve unbanked and underbanked populations in the Americas.

Automating document flows in public institutions

Secure workflow management

Collect information from financial institutions in a standardized manner and secure all system data using blockchain technology.

Blockchain Powered National Digital Identity

Blockchain-powered national digital identity

Enabling governments to reform the way they manage and secure citizen data and obtain actionable insights from accurate, relevant, and up-to-date national statistics.

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Veelancing – a blockchain-based freelancing platform

Veelancing takes the freelancing concept back to its origins, by breaking the barriers between people and enabling real peer-to-peer interactions between freelancers and companies, through blockchain.


Easy & secure digital tipping for the US hospitality industry

Supporting hospitality services in a clean, digital way, by connecting workers and tippers in a single secure app with added benefits.

Premium goods supply chain

Smart Contract-Based Supply Chain Traceability

Using blockchain technology to restore trust among supply chain participants and provide consumers with accurate product information.