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London-based Nemesis Asset Management is announcing the launch of Nemesis CyberOne, an actively managed certificate focused exclusively on cyber security companies. This project is the result of a partnership and advisory agreement between Nemesis Asset Management and Mihai Ivascu, CEO and Co-founder of Modex, the leading Blockchain Database provider.

The global cyber warfare is playing an increasingly important role in the current state of geopolitics. The new reality leads to massive spending both in offensive and defensive cyber solutions, most of them being provided by the leading U.S. listed cyber security companies. After months of analysis, the joint team selected a strong mix of high performing cyber tech companies as part of the Nemesis CyberOne portfolio.

Nemesis CyberOne combines expertise on financials with an understanding of technology by a diversified and experienced team of portfolio managers with a long track record, both on the investment side and in the applied cybersecurity entrepreneurial scene. Pier-Alberto Furno, CEO of Nemesis Asset Management, commented: “The world will be massively influenced by cyber security in the coming years and worldwide spending for cyber security will increase exponentially. It’s a pleasure to be partnering and co-managing this project with Mr. Ivascu, who has a tremendous knowledge and entrepreneurial experience in this area”.

Serial tech entrepreneur Mihai Ivascu, CEO and Co-founder Modex, stated: “The need for data and critical infrastructure protection is becoming a top priority for executives and governments around the world and a new reality in the tech industry. We have designed the Nemesis CyberOne product as a constructive mix between our applied experience of building companies and products in the cyber security space, and the proven expertise of Nemesis, one of the leading global asset managers with a very smart approach towards the fastest growing area of tech.”

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Cyber security products and procedures improve efficiency

In the coming years, the world will be massively influenced by cyber security events. Cyber security products and procedures improve efficiency and enable new business models, so it’s no wonder that cyber security is becoming a top priority for decision makers, leading to applied innovation. According to Cybersecurity Ventures, the world will store a total of 200 zettabytes of data by 2025, including data stored on public and private IT infrastructures, utility infrastructures, public and private clouds, personal devices as well as IoT (Internet of Things) devices. As a result, cybercriminals seem poised to exploit every gap and opportunity presented by existing systems as well as new technologies in an attempt to hijack and compromise a company’s most valuable asset: its data.

Modex, fully committed to data protection and security

Existing cyber security measures seem to act as band-aid solutions that only alleviate or partially prevent an attack from taking place. Maybe instead of focusing on repairing existing security loopholes in current systems, we should consider migrating to a new type of infrastructure that so far has proven to be resilient against cyber security pressures: blockchain. To circumvent some of the challenges associated with implementing blockchain and to make the benefits of this technology accessible to SMEs and governmental institutions, Modex has created its trademark Blockchain Database (BCDB) solution, a technological layer that fuses the advantages of blockchain with a database system, a technology that is already deeply ingrained in every business and industry sector, to create a hybrid software product that makes blockchain easy to use in existing systems, to streamline operations and data security, or to build an entirely new infrastructure from the ground up that has a blockchain engine running in the background.