Unless banks and FinTech firms get better at working together, neither will reap the full benefits of innovation. XAFT is a comprehensive suite of banking products designed to enhance the interaction between banks and their customers with future-proof solutions

Mobile Banking

Our mobile banking solution features an enhanced account creation mechanism, allowing for transparent blockchain-based KYC with instant registration, multi-currency money transfers with bank-grade currency exchange, utility payments, and much more.


Internet Banking

Accessing complex financial features has never been easier. Control your spendings, your cards, your loans, and much more directly from our web application.

Company Banking Suite

You can manage your company with one click, accessing everything you need directly from your dashboard. Forget about tokens or heavy login procedures.


Core Banking Agnostic


Immutable KYC

Our immutable KYC mechanism is blockchain backed by using our patented technology, Modex Blockchain Database. The KYC Mechanism can be used either manually or automatically by integrating a 3rd party provider, enabling both async and sync methods of KYC.

Public lists (such as PEP, sanction list, UBO declaration, etc.), as well as 3rd party lists, can be integrated into the system. The blockchain database system will store all requests and all responses that the KYC mechanism provides.