Data Integrity

Data integrity, database security, and availability have taken center stage in the enterprise field.

Each year, US companies and businesses lose millions of dollars due to data integrity and security related issues. As a result, companies are actively searching for new ways to overcome this type of issue. Due to its inherent characteristics and unique architecture, blockchain seems to be the best defense against data integrity attacks.

Modex BCDB is a software solution that helps companies strengthen their database system through a blockchain layer. Data integrity is directly related to the readability and trustworthiness of database records. In legacy systems, ensuring data integrity entails constant maintenance and frequent backups to guarantee the accuracy and consistency of data during its life cycle.

data integrity
data integrity

Through minimal changes, Modex BCDB integrates between a company’s database and application server to grant access to a blockchain backend, an environment resistant to modification and external tampering.

Blockchains are highly valued for their ability to guarantee data integrity, database immutability, and security because they store a digital signature of the information present in the database in interdependent structures called blocks. Unlike databases, blockchain is an append-only structure which means that information can only be added to the network but never deleted. At first glance, this may seem troublesome because it may lead to the accumulation of redundant data, but in fact, this feature acts as a timekeeping mechanism for the data, as it creates an exact historical record of each version of the data, providing useful information like when it was modified, how it was modified and who modified it.

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