Data Reconstruction

Modex BCDB has taken the notion of real-time backup beyond the standard blockchain system.

Since the technology first hit the market, blockchain garnered much support for its ability to streamline data security mechanisms and act as an environment where availability, transparency, and traceability are guaranteed by the unique design choices and the overall architecture of a blockchain system.

As a distributed peer to peer network composed of nodes that hold a partial or a full copy of the database, blockchain challenges current data reconstruction mechanisms that rely primarily on database backup, replication, and snapshots.

Because of its distributed nature, if a node is compromised due to a malfunction or an external attack, it can be reconstructed from a full node once the vulnerability that allowed the exploit is resolved. Modex BCDB is a custom middleware solution that combines the benefits of traditional database systems with the innovative features of blockchain technology.

data reconstruction
data reconstruction

In this context, real-time backup does not refer only to removing the inconveniences of database backups and snapshots (rapidly increasing size, CPU and disk overhead), but also to protecting database entries.

Modex BCDB comes with an API through which database admins can perform integrity checks on database records. If the integrity check returns false, it means that some changes were made by mistake in the database, or it was subjected to malicious modifications. The system is able to determine if the database was tampered by comparing the information stored in the database with the hash stored in the blockchain. If they do not match, it means that unauthorized modifications occurred.

Through the same API, the database admin can request the system to perform a data reconstruction function to rebuild the modified record from other nodes.

To simplify the whole process, Modex BCDB can be configured to automatically reconstruct the data when an integrity check fails.

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