Database Cloud Security

Learn about clients and partners Modex has found in several industries and how we have identified novel use cases for our Blockchain Database solution.

The earliest ancestor of cloud computing can be traced back to the 1960s in the work done at the ARPANET project.

Around 2006, cloud computing really took off when giants of the tech industry Google and Amazon introduced the concept of cloud computing into their discourse to underline a new paradigm in which everyday users, companies and other large scale organizations access files, software applications, and databases over the web instead of their local desktops.

The fact that enterprises are starting to embrace database cloud security can no longer be relegated as being just a trend. Companies are seeking cloud infrastructure services – also known as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) – to access, monitor and manage remote data center infrastructures. From a business perspective, it is a viable strategy as it unlocks a series of benefits: reduced operating costs, global access, scalability and flexibility to databases, access to a large pool of computational resources, overall reduces complexity while facilitating more efficient programming.

database cloud security

The advantages of database cloud security cannot be overlooked.

Even so, it is still susceptible to the same threats which affect cloud technology: data breach and loss, account hijacking (usually as a result of phishing), exploitable vulnerabilities in administrator API areas, susceptibility to DDoS attacks.

Modex BCDB enables companies and enterprises to tap into the benefits of blockchain technology to strengthen database cloud security by mitigating some of the vulnerabilities of cloud technology. Technology doesn’t exist in a vacuum. A distributed, transparent ledger of transactions paired with a cloud infrastructure can create a secure environment for corporate data.

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