Database Real-Time Backup

Real-time backup, also known as continuous backup or continuous data protection, is a data security mechanism that automatically makes a copy of every change made to the data stored in a system.

Real-time backup works by capturing every version of the data stored within a given system, allowing administrators to restore data to any previous version if the need occurs.

The ability to restore data to any point in time can prove invaluable for companies that operate with large databases, as security-related issues and data breaches are a constant threat.

Database real-time backup distinguishes itself from traditional backup mechanisms by allowing users to rollback the data to any given point in time, enabling full restoration.

On the opposite spectrum, traditional backup mechanisms such as database snapshots are limited only to the data from the time the backup was made. Another glaring difference between the two methods is related to the time frame in which they are performed. As the name implies, real-time backup is continuous, taking place each time new data is added. Snapshots, although automated, rely on a pre-established schedule.

real-time backups
database real-time backup

Modex BCDB is a middleware software solution that enables companies to strengthen security measures and data recovery mechanisms by extending the functionality of existing applications, giving them access to a new layer of functionality, database real-time backup.

Modex BCDB extends the concept even further through blockchain technology. A database connected to Modex BCDB benefits from a blockchain backend which stores the hash of every entry in the database (depending on system configuration). Due to the unique properties of hashing, if the information is modified in the database without authorization or by mistake, the system will compare the hash stored in the blockchain with the new one generated by the modified information, detect the difference and restore the data to its previous value.

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