Database Security

Modex BCDB is a middleware software that intervenes in the development stack by positioning itself between a clients’ database and application server.

In a classical flow scheme, the frontend application makes API calls to an application server which in turn makes calls to the database.

Most often these interactions are represented by the standard CRUD operations performed in a database system.

Modex BCDB is a hybrid solution that acts as a liaison between a client’s database and a blockchain network. After implementing our solution, insert commands still follow the paradigm of classic database systems, but each data entry passes through a hashing function that produces a unique hash that is stored into the blockchain to ensure data integrity and transform a centralized system into a distributed one.

In essence, DataBase Security is guaranteed and beneficiaries maintain their data structure intact at the database level and gain access to all of the advantages of blockchain technology.


The advantages of this approach are clear-cut.

Traditionally, if someone tampers with your database, be it an external attacker, or someone from within the company who has clearance to access the database and wants to corrupt, hijack or ransom the data, they can pretty much do so at their leisure once they get in.

But if you implement a solution like Modex BCDB which stores the hash of the information on a blockchain, any changes will ultimately be obsolete. As most of you already know, hashing a string produces a unique hash digest that cannot be reversed to reveal the original input. If an attacker modifies an entry in the database, the hash of that data will also change, so when the system compares the new hash with the old one, it will reject any unauthorized changes, and recover the data from other nodes from the network.

Besides enhanced DataBase Security, data can now be accessed faster, regardless of geographical position, because through Modex BCDB the information is now physically distributed across multiple nodes.

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