Decentralization of databases

When a client integrates with the Modex BCDB solution, their database becomes distributed across multiple nodes.

Each node contains a partial copy of the database, or in the case of full nodes, an exact replica of the database.

A standard application makes use of an API to write new entries in a database. The API is a type of URL where information is introduced. Modex BCDB embeds a URL to each node. To remove reliance on a single node, users can have a list of URLs that can be switched. This is a useful feature because if a node is compromised, users can switch to another node that contains all the information and continue to write data through its URL as if nothing has happened.

This is how Modex BCDB achieves decentralization of databases, a valuable characteristic that removes the dangers posed by centralization and exploitable single points of failure. In the Modex BCDB ecosystem, full nodes are of equivalent power.

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