World's First Complete Blockchain Development Platform

Engineered with developers' needs in mind: to enable them to create the next generation of smart contracts.

Inspired by your needs

Modex Developers Tools team aims to create such an environment - which includes IDE, TestNet, a testing and deploy mechanism - for developers who wish to code for blockchain, especially Ethereum smart contracts.

Development Platform

Meeting your needs: project repository and documentation, issue tracking, collaboration tools

Source Code Auditing

No more third parties when auditing smart contracts! Modex streamlines the process, cuts costs

Blockchain IDE

A valuable tool for developers. Use it to build, test and deploy smart contracts and DApps

Bounty Hunting

Allows developers to join existing bounties and receive MODEX tokens as a prize

TestNet Environment

Gas estimation, transaction processing, contract deployment & function testing

DApps Infrastructure

Coming Soon: Plug and play infrastructure to deploy, host and run your DApps

Welcome home, developers

We enable developers to create the next generation of decentralised applications. Project repository, issue tracking, project documentation and collaboration tools are the functionalities developers can access in the Modex Dev Platform.

Access DEV Platform

Source Code Auditing

Our bytecode auditing and analysis tool detects call to untrusted contracts and a range of possible attacks that can be performed. Moreover, detailed functional contract view and a suite of metrics that measure the overall quality of the code is provided.

Blockchain IDE

Our IDE comes with a fully integrated Solidity syntax support: autocomplete and code linting (coming soon), new project creation, remote contract execution (Modex custom nodes). On top of that, we provide a custom build fully integrated to deploy, call functions and see transactions status.

Download IDE

Test your Code

Before deploying your code to the main net, you are able to test your Smart Contract. You can compile and deploy it on Modex Testnet, and then interact with its functions.

TestNet Integration

The integration with the Modex TestNet assists developers in deploying their contract, interacting with it, getting estimates on gas for deploy and function calls.

GIT Integration

Through the integration with GitHub plugin, the developers can pull, commit and push code in their Modex Developer Platform repositories or to change between repo branches.

TestNet Environment

Custom built Ethereum node in order to facilitate easier deploying and testing. The Modex TestNet will encompass functionalities designed to satisfy the requirements of the IDE, such as:

Contract Deployment

A build in flow where developers can easily deploy the contract without having to worry about transaction signing or deploying.

Contract Function testing

A set of functionalities which allows developers to easily test every function from a deployed contract.

Transaction Processing

Regular transaction, contract deployments, or a function calls, we provide developers insights regarding the status of the transaction.

IDE Integration

A set of functionalities integrated into our IDE which is directly linked to the TestNet. This allows developers to perform actions directly from the IDE.

Gas Estimation

In order to give developers more control, we estimate the gas cost for specific functions from smart contracts.

Block Explorer

Block explorers are a quintessential tool which allows participants of a blockchain network to easily explore, visualize, search and verify information.

DApps Infrastructure

In order to facilitate developers an end to end integration and help them focus solely on building the DApp, we are providing the soon to be released Modex DApps infrastructure. This test should state the main benefits of using the Modex DApps Infra.

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