World's First Complete Blockchain Development Platform

Engineered with developers' needs in mind: to enable them to create the next generation of smart contracts.

Inspired by your needs

Modex Developers Tools team aims to create such an environment - which includes IDE, Test net, a testing and deploy mechanism - for developers who wish to code for blockchain, especially Ethereum smart contracts.

RBAC Access

Users will act independently or as part of an organization, and Modex will provide role-based access to the repositories they own

User Management

Contains all the necessary elements and functionalities to create and manage a developer account on the platform: profile, avatar, password, email address, SSH Keys, 2FA, repository listing, organizations, applications, delete account

User Dashboard

The user dashboard has been designed to provide the user with a complete overview of their tasks, issues, history and organizations. The dashboard contains the following fields: pull request, issues, bytecode analysis, duplicate analysis, and overview

Explore Dashboard

This functionality facilitates easy access to a list with the repository owned. It also helps to determine if a user is part of an organization and, if so, which one

Repository Migration

Users will be able to pull data from another git repository they own, at any given time, and they will be able to decide if it’s a mirror (pushes code to both parties or not)

New Repository

This operation enables users to create a repository with a gitignore file, a License file and a Readme file, to choose if it’s private or not and to assign it to an organization or not