Diana E Ion idiana96
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Javascript bindings for the Solidity compiler

Updated 9 hours ago

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Markdown documentation generator for Solidity

Updated 13 hours ago

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Static Analyzer for Solidity

Updated 18 hours ago

A compilation of patterns and best practices for the smart contract programming language Solidity

Updated 1 week ago

Solidity plugin for IntelliJ

Updated 2 weeks ago

Basic string utilities for Solidity

Updated 1 month ago

Comprehensive list of known attack vectors and common anti-patterns

Updated 2 months ago

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Updatable, unobtrusive Solidity authorization pattern

Updated 4 months ago

Vim syntax file for solidity

Updated 7 months ago

"Utility Solidity library composed of basic operations for tightly packed bytes arrays "

Updated 7 months ago

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Documentation Generator for Solidity

Updated 1 year ago

A python utility to flatten Solidity code with imports into a single file.

Updated 2 years ago

Super simple social network interaction, where users can post and comment on posts

Updated 2 years ago

Updated 2 years ago

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Visualize Solidity control flow for smart contract security analysis

Updated 2 years ago