Josselin 0152f00888 Improve testing instructions 2 weeks ago
ast-parsing ce7688b98b Add push array test 2 weeks ago
check-erc ff59854e8a slither erc check: 1 year ago
check-kspec e9f4283323 linting: Solve Markdown linting errors 4 months ago
check-upgradeability 1d87059712 Large refactor of slither-check-upgradeability: 8 months ago
config 243e162c93 Fix ci 1 month ago
detectors 9ccfe83388 Fix minor and improve support for multiple source mapping 1 month ago
expected_json 2ee2792064 Refactor detectors tests to use pytest 1 month ago
flat 2b73073205 slither-flat: add --remove-assert flag (#366) 11 months ago
possible_paths 2b4a67da9a Fix bug introduced in #445: The change in the function signature makes the parsing failed, as solc generated in the json type using the contract's name 7 months ago
simil 089cb4a9e7 fixed test 1 year ago
complex_func.sol 2a8b3b3568 added examples 2 years ago
deprecated_calls.sol f53151e695 Open source 3 detectors: 1 year ago
inheritance_graph.sol 2d57be0fff * Added tooltips for function/variable shadowing 1 year ago
source_mapping.sol c1fc109e77 Added test for source mapping. Fixed total source length calculation 1 year ago
taint_mapping.sol a15af96993 Add SlithIR representation (WIP) 2 years ago 840d4da165 Merge branch 'dev' into bugfix/for 2 weeks ago 0152f00888 Improve testing instructions 2 weeks ago