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We're happy to offer bounties for contributions to Slither! Please review Gitcoin for a list of available bounties.

Upon any new release, Trail of Bits may consider sending a bounty payment to any PR that was not covered by Gitcoin. In these cases, we will send an automated payment to the email in your git log via PayPal.

In general, we are interested in and would like to see contributions of:

  • Detector modules for new conditions and vulnerability patterns
  • Enhancements to existing detector modules to improve confidence in the analysis
  • Enhancements and refinements to the SlithIR intermediate representation
  • Architectural and code quality improvements of any kind
  • Bugfixes of any kind
  • 3rd-party writeups and blogs that demonstrate advanced usage of Slither
  • Help with any issues labeled "good first issue" or "help wanted"


FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'solc'

You may have installed solcjs, not solc. Slither requires solc. Install one of the binary packages, e.g., via apt-get, and Slither will work.

pip: slither-analyzer requires Python '>=3.6' but the running Python is 2.7.15

Slither requires Python3. If you are on macOS, run:

brew install python3
pip3 install slither-analyzer

dot: command not found

Several printers use the dot format. To install it on Ubuntu, run:

apt install graphviz

To install it on macOS, run:

brew install graphviz

Additionally, you can open dot files directly with xdot.

To install it on Ubuntu, run:

apt install xdot

To install it on macOS, run:

brew install xdot

KeyError or NoneType Error

Truffle does not handle projects where two different contracts share the same name (see https://github.com/trufflesuite/truffle/issues/1087). If slither fails to run:

  • Ensure that all the contracts have a unique name.
  • Remove the build directory to remove any previous truffle files