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  Nick Johnson 01e955c1d6 Merge pull request #35 from anuditnagar/patch-1 2 years ago
  Anudit Nagar 22e868ecab Create .gitattributes 2 years ago
  Nick Johnson 3c63f18245 Merge pull request #30 from axic/memory-pointer 2 years ago
  Alex Beregszaszi b9a6f6615c Remove stray debugging event 2 years ago
  Alex Beregszaszi afa177635b Add default data location (memory) 2 years ago
  Nick Johnson d2e4eef5db Merge pull request #29 from axic/keccak256 2 years ago
  Alex Beregszaszi ab0ec4b64d Use keccak256() instead of sha3() 2 years ago
  Nick Johnson 7e1c3a1a9f Merge pull request #28 from robsecord/master 2 years ago
  xeroblood 83aacaaed9 Fix for Issue #27 - Unable to import "undefined": Not Found - added symlink to maintain existing references (as per docs) 2 years ago
  Nick Johnson 93a1b94346 Fix bug in 'compare' that gives incorrect results for long strings that differ in the first few bytes 2 years ago
  Nick Johnson 1caffed52f Merge pull request #26 from robertzk/fix_typo 2 years ago
  Robert Krzyzanowski e536f1bdd8 Fix documentation typo. 2 years ago
  Nick Johnson 18413f9096 Merge pull request #25 from ovangle/master 2 years ago
  Thomas Stephenson d90808dd0d Prepare release 2.0.0 2 years ago
  Thomas Stephenson 9bd0d3adbc Remove jump instructions from findPtr, rFindPtr 2 years ago
  Thomas Stephenson ee6af05223 Fix failing test (testCompare) 2 years ago
  Thomas Stephenson 719f0aab03 Migrate app from dapple to dapp and fix simple warnings. 2 years ago
  Thomas Stephenson c76bd82da4 dapp install ds-test 2 years ago
  Thomas Stephenson bc0535fe53 dapp init SolidityStringutils 2 years ago
  Nick Johnson 4c36b494de Merge pull request #17 from chriseth/patch-1 3 years ago
  chriseth 2f6ca9accb Update strings.sol 3 years ago
  Nick Johnson 4a0692010b Merge pull request #11 from Dexaran/patch-1 3 years ago
  Dexaran 7846ccccb9 1 array element missed 3 years ago
  Nick Johnson b6d4970205 Merge pull request #7 from zynis/patch-1 3 years ago
  Dominik 8e02a66ded Update LICENSE 4 years ago
  Nick Johnson ad79fc8eec Update 4 years ago
  Nick Johnson c745ced7db s/**/*/ 4 years ago
  Nick Johnson 4553e2ca67 Add support for creating slices from bytes32 arguments 4 years ago
  Nick Johnson 6017a3d353 Fix string comparison for subslices 4 years ago
  Nick Johnson 3129b17ade Updated readme; deleted stringutils 4 years ago