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  Denton Liu 569bbbedc3 Merge pull request #28 from dmdque/master 3 years ago
  Daniel Que 53bd00f1dc Add require keyword to syntax 3 years ago
  Denton Liu 2484882da8 Merge pull request #24 from federicobond/patch-2 3 years ago
  Federico Bond 5ae2102209 Add new emit keyword to syntax 3 years ago
  Denton Liu 46b87988e1 Merge pull request #22 from dmdque/master 3 years ago
  Daniel Que 2795ab4a90 Remove switch keyword 3 years ago
  Denton Liu 33753985e7 Merge pull request #19 from federicobond/patch-1 4 years ago
  Federico Bond 3144d021b3 Add interface keyword to syntax 4 years ago
  Youcai Qian c48f63a5aa Merge pull request #17 from Amarandus/patch-1 4 years ago
  Richard Schneider 848099d83a Change ftplugin to not overwrite user settings 4 years ago
  Youcai Qian 4a81c61309 Update solidity.vim 5 years ago
  Youcai Qian 5e90cccd60 Merge pull request #14 from chatch/master 5 years ago
  Chris Hatch dfd44b0e82 add new keywords: abstract, interface, payable, pragma, pure, static, view 5 years ago
  Denton Liu 1ce827c897 Merge pull request #13 from tomlion/use-style-guide 5 years ago
  Denton Liu 6ce0171c9e Add ftplugin 5 years ago
  Denton Liu 3e5a5782a0 Merge pull request #12 from tomlion/create-readme 5 years ago
  Denton Liu 328bd6716e Create README 5 years ago
  Denton Liu f728d63713 Merge pull request #11 from tomlion/update-license 5 years ago
  Denton Liu 7c6e57fcc4 Update license 5 years ago
  Denton Liu c4944e5e49 Merge pull request #10 from Denton-L/other-keywords 5 years ago
  Denton Liu 393e4bb849 Merge pull request #8 from Denton-L/contract-keyword 5 years ago
  Denton Liu 510f36ed3c Add missing keywords 5 years ago
  Denton Liu 60806d1adc Added byte keyword 5 years ago
  Denton Liu 1cc3a6b4ec Removed conflicting keywords 5 years ago
  Youcai Qian 6f93454e3d Merge pull request #7 from Denton-L/fixed-keyword 5 years ago
  Denton Liu c494e7a3ff Updated incorrect fixed/ufixed syntax 5 years ago
  Denton Liu 334fc2bd76 Added new keywords 5 years ago
  Youcai Qian 83378c8900 Merge pull request #6 from Denton-L/master 5 years ago
  Denton Liu fd252274b6 Added global variables 5 years ago
  Denton Liu 0d3f5e46cb Moved 'bytes' and 'string' to a sensible location 5 years ago