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  Juan Blanco fefff2f446 Merge pull request #131 from rocky/mythx 1 year ago
  R. Bernstein 8dd76ad617 Merge pull request #23 from rocky/more-complete-markdown 1 year ago
  Daniyar Chambylov a43d6e3ac5 Add more information in mardown report 1 year ago
  Daniyar Chambylov 93a6ef9952 Use correct solc version 1 year ago
  Juan Blanco b7f5278d4b Merge branch 'master' of 1 year ago
  Juan Blanco f2786eecb4 Solium revert from EthLint, due to an issue with dependencies 1 year ago
  Juan Blanco bc80b48501 Merge pull request #130 from rocky/mythx 1 year ago
  rocky 6bb2fd8297 Closer to being able to load without error. 1 year ago
  rocky d9b43e7a33 Merge branch 'group-eslint-messages' into mythx 1 year ago
  Juan Blanco e056030ed5 Removing the remix-util dependency and truffle-workflow-compile 1 year ago
  Juan Blanco c176564de7 Merge branch 'master' of 1 year ago
  Juan Blanco 6b4f44e463 Compiler random folder support and solium checks 1 year ago
  Juan Blanco 1f1e53363b Merge pull request #129 from rocky/readme-develop-improve 1 year ago
  Juan Blanco b61406039f Merge pull request #128 from rocky/tslint-messages 1 year ago
  Juan Blanco 2c9a6ee4ac Merge pull request #126 from rocky/uuid 1 year ago
  rocky 389bb46834 Merge branch 'group-eslint-messages' of into group-eslint-messages 2 years ago
  rocky 317c90ef86 Add section on known versions of software that work ... 2 years ago
  rocky d56981ae9a Remove tslint warnings - mostly unused vars in imports 2 years ago
  R. Bernstein db448b20f1 Merge pull request #19 from rocky/trufstuf 2 years ago
  R. Bernstein 330d72cc0e Merge branch 'uuid' into trufstuf 2 years ago
  rocky 8bbab73758 Bump up packages to current versions used by truffle 5.0.3 2 years ago
  Daniyar Chambylov 454a347e97 Add suport for default user login 2 years ago
  Daniyar Chambylov d2960e63ba Group eslint messages 2 years ago
  Daniyar Chambylov 54501da585 Revert "clean old compiler initializing" 2 years ago
  Daniyar Chambylov 3ac46bb654 clean old compiler initializing 2 years ago
  Daniyar Chambylov 878f268ec4 Revert "Fix lint errors" 2 years ago
  Daniyar Chambylov 722694dda8 Fix lint issue 2 years ago
  Daniyar Chambylov 8ac5f68168 Change reports dir 2 years ago
  Daniyar Chambylov 9847f14e05 Update truffle-compile 2 years ago
  Daniyar Chambylov 3782271eb9 Update to new artifacts structure 2 years ago