Visual Studio Code language support extension for Solidity smart contracts in Ethereum

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Table of Contents

Perhaps you want to help work on this awesome project? Or run from the github repository?


You need to have installed

There are a number of nodejs packages are needed, like typescript, but you can get those via npm, which is described in a below section.

Dependency hell

This code is known to work with:

  • (Microsoft) code 1.30.2
  • nodejs 8.9.4; truffle 5 libraries request at least this
  • (npm) vscode 1.1.30

Starting with Microsoft code 1.31 (or 1.32) you will get a crash when you try to run this code. Also, starting with those versions, you need nodejs 10 or greater.

To be able to have several nodejs versions around, there is nvm.

How to run code in this github repository

Clone the repository:

$ git clone
Cloning into 'vscode-solidity'...
remote: Enumerating objects: 169, done.
$ cd vscode-solidity

Install dependent npm packages:

$ npm install

Now just run from inside the vscode-solidity folder

$ code .


If you just want to run the code, on the top there is a "Debug" menu item and under that, the second item is "Start Without Debugging", which is also bound the key sequence Ctrl-F5.

After that, the VSCode window should turn from blue to orange and another window will pop up. In this window you will have the vscode extension installed and enabled.

If you edit a solidity file, which is a file ending in .sol and looks like this:

 * @source:
 * @author: Atzei N., Bartoletti M., Cimoli T
 * Modified by Josselin Feist
pragma solidity 0.4.25;

contract SimpleDAO {
  mapping (address => uint) public credit;

  function donate(address to) payable public{
    credit[to] += msg.value;

  function withdraw(uint amount) public{
    if (credit[msg.sender]>= amount) {

  function queryCredit(address to) view public returns(uint){
    return credit[to];

This when rendered inside be colorized, for example the tokens "pragma", "solidity" and "0.4.25" may appear in a different color. If the all appear in the same color then the language extension mechanism is not working and there is probably something wrong in the extension. Look in the other VSCode window with the orange frame for what might be wrong.

But if everything is good, enter Ctrl-Shift-P and a list of commands will pop up. If you type "Solidity", you should see those specific to this extension.


You may want to extend this code of may find a problem and want to debug what is going wrong. For this, you start off from the "Debug" menu using the first item on the list "Start Debugging" which is also bound to the function key F5. As before the window will go orange a popup menu bar will appear at the top.

NOTE: It may happen that after the window goes orange, another and VSCode window with the blue, the "play button" may go from a the parallel bars to "pause" back to "play". When that happens you may also be stopped in bootstrap-fork.js at some nonsensical like like line 9 which has no code on it. If this happens (and it may happen several times for each solidity file loaded) just hit the play button to make sure it goes back to the parallel bars. You have 10 seconds from the time this button goes from "Pause" to "Play" to hit the "Play" button. Otherwise in the other VSCode you will get a popup message that reads:

Extension host did not start in 10 seconds, it might be stopped on the first line and needs a debugger to continue.

See also: