Easy as an API

Modex BCDB is a middleware software solution designed to help companies and developers access the benefits of blockchain technology like transparency, decentralization, data integrity and immutability without requiring to invest time and resources in learning how to develop their own blockchain solution.

Besides the obvious benefits of blockchain, Modex BCDB can act as an introduction to the world of blockchain for developers who implement our solution, as they get a grasp on blockchain concepts while they work with our solution.

Due to the agnostic take on database and blockchain engines, developers can take advantage of the plug and play structure of Modex BCDB, and create a custom solution tailored to answer their business requirements.

All of this is possible through the design of Modex BCDB.

Simplicity and efficiency decrease setup times, removing friction points generated by the implementation and transition process.

Every developer, regardless if there are senior or junior, knows how to use an API and perform the standard CRUD operations directly in the system.

As such, to keep developers within their comfort zone and enable an easy integration process, the team behind Modex BCDB designed it to operate as easy as an API.

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