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Our next guest in the #WeAreModex series of interviews is Florin. Interested about technology and exact sciences from an early age, Florin later turned his passion into a job. We spoke with him about the career achievements, challenges and the moments that helped him grow as a tech guy.

Florin’s professional story begins with programming. “I have always enjoyed the exact sciences, so I started studying programming in high school and earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Economic Cybernetics, Statistics and Informatics afterwards. I chose this field hoping that a lot more programming would be involved. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case.”

Gaming events, a music club and joining Modex

Once he finished college in 2005, Florin started working for an Apple distributor. “However, shortly after that I got involved in a different field – the administration of a live music club where I was doing everything, from managing orders to troubleshooting the technical equipment. Five years later, in 2010 I’ve changed my line of work again and got to own my personal business; still involved in the technology field, selling and renting equipment and related software for professional and non-professional gaming events.”

As 2019 wasn’t a good year for gaming events, Florin thought about finding a new challenge. “Having an informatics background, I was advised to start learning web design. Then, in autumn 2020, I was given the opportunity to join Modex. I started with an internship, which then turned into a full-time job.”

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Today, we all are the best versions of ourselves yet

Were there any challenges Florin had to overcome until joining Modex? “The biggest challenge was re-learning what I’ve been previously taught in high school and beyond, about what it meant to be a web designer. Everything had changed in the 15 years I was out of the field.”

We’ve also asked our colleague if – looking back at his career – he would change anything or take the same professional path. “I believe that today we all are the best versions of ourselves yet. Each experience from our past has transformed us into what we are now. To answer your question, I wouldn’t change any of my previous experiences in the different fields I’ve tried before returning to my first option: the software development field. Everything I did in the past has shown me a different technological field.”

Combining visual design elements

Coming back to Modex, Florin details the aspects related to his job. “I create and build web applications and sometimes websites for the projects we are working on, combining visual design elements, text, photos and graphics. What I like the most is that I can see the results of my work immediately: the smallest change I make in my code is ready to be visualized in a second, no waiting time. Moreover, I love the fact that each project is different in the field of technology. I must always keep up with the newest developments and trends. For me, learning new things never gets boring.”

What does it take to be a good web designer? “For me, web design is the place where mathematics meets art. I can ‘draw’ without ever holding a pencil and everything gets done with pixel precision. A web designer must be a good observer, he/she must have logical thinking and a bit of an artistic eye. In a tech company, being open to learning is a must, regardless of the job position.”

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A common goal: getting things done

Having been with Modex for more than one year, Florin tells us how he sees the working environment here. “Since joining the company I’ve learned that all team members are treated equally and listened to, any idea gets attention and is openly discussed with everybody. At Modex I found a team of people who do not forget their common goal: getting things done. This allows people to grow together with the company.”

Florin adds: “I can confidently say that we are like a group of friends: when there’s work to be done, we help each other to deliver, when there’s fun to be had, we have fun together. We get a lot of laughs while working, too!”


When it comes to relaxing after a hard day’s (or week’s) work, Florin enjoys fishing or playing football with his friends when he gets the chance. “My kids also keep me busy; I enjoy re-experiencing childhood through their eyes. Also, I love travelling, experiencing places, cultures and traditions. The more time to travel, the better!”


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