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How does it work? What’s the underlying technology?

The Modex blockchain database can be deployed on prem or in any cloud infrastructure whether it is AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, etc.

Let me explain how it works in the following two scenarios 1. When you have an existing product or application you want to migrate to a blockchain-based infrastructure AND 2. when you want to build a brand-new application.

Let’s assume you have an existing software product for Healthcare or Supply Chain that runs on traditional architecture and databases.

Your application communicates with your customer databases, for example, using server-side code. We insert the Modex Blockchain Database between your server side code (your application) and your existing databases.

So now you ​are writing to the Modex BCDB, and our BCDB writes to both your database and the blockchain, and can read from both the BCDB or your database directly. ​You use the same application you are using now, it uses the same code it always has, and this information is written to your same databases.

You can choose what information is also written to that database (it doesn’t need to be all the data you write to your traditional databases). And you can run as many nodes (or immutable blockchain databases) as you like. When you write to one, you simultaneously write to all of them. The nodes communicate with one another, they are synchronized and you can create as many nodes as you need where you need them. They are like copies of a ledger. They are distributed, and immutable. That’s the security and integrity value of blockchain technology.

You didn’t have to rip and replace your existing software. You didn’t have to rip and replace your existing databases. You work in the same way you always have.

Now in the second scenario, you are creating a brand-new software application, and you only want it to communicate with our blockchain database. It doesn’t need to write to your existing databases, and there is no migration. You can connect to BCDB as you were connecting to a traditional DB before.

You don’t need to hire blockchain developers; you don’t need to pay exorbitant consulting fees; you follow your regular software development process. You open our console, create a database, create collections (fields and properties). It’s like using Mongo DB. All those collections you create will automatically be “translated” into corresponding fields and properties on a Modex blockchain database.

In other words, Modex automatically transforms any software application into a decentralized app or DApp.

Is there any plan for a SQL based database integration ?

What about stored procedures in MS SQL for example ?

Modex BCDB is defaulted with MongoDB database engine for data storage.
We plan to also enable and integrate traditional SQL DBs like: Mysql, MSSQL Server, Oracle or other NoSQL Dbs.

Stored procedures are specific to SQL Dbs and they will be part of the future integration we noted above.