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What is a bounty and how can it help me?

Any valuable idea you have can be turned into reality by contacting us on [email protected]. You must detail your idea and it is our job to contact you and futher detail it, then post as a bounty to our platform. Each bounty has Modex tokens or Euro as reward depending on our agreement and you will have access to our extended developer group to be finalized.

Are there any cash bounties in this moment ? Can I filter for them ?

i can only see token based bounties. Can I subscribe to be announced when a cash bounty is published ?

Bounties can be filtered from newest to oldest and reverse.
They can be also filtered by title.
Bounties can be and are rewarded with Modex token, EUR or both. Please see: Token and EUR Bounty Example

Unfortunately, you cannot filter by reward type for the moment, but this will be a feature of our next releases.