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He likes to play the guitar, enjoys learning a new language every now and then and he’s been part of the #WeAreModex family since 2017. Our colleague’s journey in the tech world began at 13 years old, when he received his first computer, a Commodore 64. Now, Gabriel Avasiloae – also known as “Gabisan” among his colleagues – is Modex’s DevOps Manager and he tells us more about the defining moments of his tech career.

“I came to the DevOps scene with a background in development, with a history of working in the financial services, commercial and warehouse industry and now at Modex with the blockchain industry. It’s true that in the past I’ve always had an inclination for network administration and systems management. Maybe that passion for DevOps was always there; it just didn’t have a name yet”, says Gabriel at the beginning of our discussion.

A Commodore 64 felt like magic

Gabriel’s passion for computers and technology started – how else? – with a computer, which changed his life forever. “I was 13 years old when I received my first computer, a Commodore 64, and that is precisely when my life was going to change forever. Even now I can vividly remember the first moments with that computer – it felt like magic!” Besides playing games on that C64, Gabriel started to copy code samples, in BASIC language.

“I gradually started to change it or to create new pieces of code and that basically was the turning point as I became fascinated with coding and I knew that is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Actually, I consider myself to be among the lucky ones who get to work on something that they enjoy!”


Working with a special group of people at Modex

“I joined Modex in February 2017 following a recommendation from a friend”, recalls our colleague. “I must say that I find this model of recruiting very fruitful and it was confirmed as I found a special group of people working here. I was intrigued about working with the latest technologies, but especially pioneering in the blockchain development field.”

Gabriel sees the working environment at Modex as “a perfect mix between a corporation model and a start-up environment where although the projects are complex, one is always aware of the big picture and can see the direct impact his work has over the final product.”

Challenging, but also rewarding projects

We’ve asked Gabriel to tell us more about his duties at Modex, but also about the projects he enjoyed the most since arriving in the company.

“At Modex I became more and more involved in the DevOps practices, doing DevOps related tasks like automation, optimization of processes to enable the fastest way to arrive from code to deployment of software. I suppose the most challenging project was to publish our product Modex Blockchain Database (BCDB) in the Microsoft marketplace. I enjoyed it a lot because it was a success, it was done in a relatively short time and it required a fantastic involvement from the whole team and all departments.”

Not enough developers to meet the current demand

What can we expect in the near future when it comes to the demand for developers? Will it continue to grow or it will reach a plateau?

“In the short term, of course, even though the number of developers is rising every year, there are still not enough developers to meet the current demand. However, in the long term I think that as AI is becoming exponentially more powerful, basic developer jobs will be among the first to become obsolete. Of course, the demand for AI developers will continue to grow and maybe developers will be required in other areas we are not even aware of at this moment. I suppose bio-engineering could be a thing in the future”, states Gabriel.


Blockchain will have a bigger presence in our lives

“In my opinion, the blockchain industry – although seen by many as just a bubble – it is here to stay. It will slowly, but steadily, become an increasing part of our lives. Besides the usual industries which are starting to benefit from blockchain technology – supply chain and logistics monitoring, voting, secure sharing of medical data, original content creation and ownership tracking, DEFI or cryptocurrencies exchange and so on – I believe that the implementation of smart contracts for some activities which involve multiple parties participating in that process will be the most useful for everyone. However, as good as it may sound, this requires involvement from governmental bodies and a clear legislation. As we all know, that takes time, but I think that in 5 years we will be there and blockchain technology will be even more mature by then!”

Future developers should be curious and perseverant

Gabriel’s advice for those wanting to start a tech career as developers? “First of all, they must be curious. They should experiment with different technologies, self-learning is so easy and accessible. As these days we use stack over stack of dependent technologies, I think patience and perseverance are other good traits as sometimes things might not work out as expected from the get go. My advice would be to not compromise quality over speed, as we are so often inclined to do. Especially nowadays, when there is so much pressure to deliver as fast as possible. Moreover, the tools used to interact with a computer should feel like a part of yourself and working in a nice and inspiring environment is equally important.”

Focused on personal development

What is Gabriel doing in his free time and which are his hobbies? “Since what I do gives me a lot of satisfaction, I try to keep a balance between working and relaxation and do something different that doesn’t involve a computer.

So outside walks, trips, reading and listening to music and binging a series from time to time are some of my favorite activities. Besides all that, recently I became focused on personal development, so learning to play the guitar and learning a new language are also on my list.”