Modex Online Hackathon:
The Web Challenge

Registration deadline for the first hackathon: 30.12.2018

In partnership with:

Chance to win prizes:

Whether you are a talented programmer or just a passionate beginner developer, build an awesome web app and get rewarded for your creativity.

1st Prize


+ 5000 MODEX

2nd Prize


+ 2500 MODEX

3rd Prize


+ 1250 MODEX

One of Three Hackathons:

1. The Web Challenge

Create a proof of concept for an innovative app or software related to one of the selected fields.

2. The Blockchain Challenge

Create a Solidity smart contract with applicability in one of the selected domains.

3. The dApps Challenge

Create decentralized applications with integrated web-based technologies and blockchain technology.

Three categories to

choose from:


Choose from legal topics such as contracts and more.


Choose from financial topics such as employee payments and more.


Choose from statistic topics such as employee time in and out and more.

How the Modex Online Hackathon Works

How to Apply

The Modex Online Hackathon competition is only open for students enrolled at the University of Economic Studies in Bucharest.
In order to apply, all you have to do is register on and create a team, entitled ASE – (team name), so that the judges can identify and review your work. After the team name is set, you can start inviting your team members to join, so that you can work together. They have to be registered on the platform, as well.
After creating your team on the Modex Platform, you need to decide on the project you would like to build, which has to be in line with one of the general themes of the hackathon (financial, legal or statistics).
When all that is done, send an email to [email protected], specifying the team you are part of, the team members and the project you would like to build for the competition. In case you change your mind or experience any difficulties in building your web app, please send us an email and the Modex team will guide you along the way.
You’re set to go! You can now start working on your project and get the most out of your chances to win the big award.

Awards Criteria

The main criteria for evaluating your project are innovation and technical approach.
You can use any web app technology (PHP, Java, Go etc), as long as the project enrolled in the competition is finalised.
While developing your project, you need to publish regular commits in the source repository. Here’s how you can do that:
The final version of the project needs to be sent to [email protected] by the 18th of January, at 18:00, along with a PowerPoint presentation showcasing the general app idea, use case and necessity on the market.
The jury will analyse the live version of the app each team has built, so, once you are finalised, please send an email at [email protected] with the live app. If you do not have a hosting system you can use, please write to us in advance and the Modex team will help you with that.

Awards Ceremony

The three winners of the competition will be announced a few days after closing the competition, at the end of January 2019. The award ceremony will be organized in partnership with USAS and the University of Economic Studies in Bucharest.
Each of the three winning teams will have the opportunity to present the projects in front of the large audience.
Comment: All participants in the competition will get to keep IP ownership of their projects. Modex is supporting talented developers and creativity, while encouraging students to build innovative web solutions.