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Transform the way data is stored, secured, and shared inside your business. Modex offers a reliable and scalable enterprise blockchain solution to unlock new capabilities in legacy databases.

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Enterprise Blockchain

Modex Blockchain Database® (BCDB) is our patented innovation that combines traditional databases with distributed blockchain technology to harness the full potential of both. It is designed to offer real-time data protection and integrity, streamlined data sharing, and simplified compliance processes. No migration downtimes, no steep learning curve.

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Our enterprise case studies bring
blockchain technology to life

With our broad expertise in delivering enterprise blockchain services, tools, and frameworks that address a variety of industry-specific needs, we help organizations gain a competitive advantage on the market.



Real-time settlement, streamlined auditing and reporting, significantly reduced processing times, and lower risk of errors and delays.



Increasing transparency and efficiency in supply networks with real-time updates for all participants, strong privacy rules, and complete product and document histories.



Patients can manage their digital medical files and give others access when necessary, always being aware of who can see their data.



Making institutional processes more efficient, enhancing the credibility of public data, increasing citizens’ level of trust in government.

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DeFi Innovation



Modex Wallet purpose is to fill the gaps in cryptocurrency value transfer by bringing real time multi-chain crypto transactions and social interaction between transfer parties in one app. Modex Wallet activates in full regulation, with KYC validated users, crypto exchange and on the spot deposit/withdrawals in several blockchain networks enabling chain interoperability and our proprietary blockchain based payments infrastructure.


Payment Infrastructure

Modex Payment Infrastructure is a suite of financial products adapted and customized for blockchain networks but derived and conected with current fiat infrastructures.
Payment Framework is the main financial core engine which is backed by Modex BCDB main public network. Our Payment Infrastructure is Modex proposal for an efficient bridge between crypto world and the outer fiat based market.



Modex DeFi Card is a cryptocurrency card able to spend crypto assets in traditional fiat based marketplaces, shops and ATM's, at regular transaction fees. It is designed as an efficient spending unit which also enables the communication between the air gapped blockchain world and the unlimited fiat utilities out there.


Together for a higher purpose

Our company members share a common goal and constantly focus their skills, ideas and efforts in order to bring change into our society.


Are you familiar with a cause that you would like to be supported by Modex Foundation? Let us know!

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Our products


Data Vault

Introducing the blockchain-backed digital data safety box, created for individual users or businesses who need a place to securely store and safely share sensitive documents.



Blockchain-based issue voting platform designed to make collective decision-making easy, secure, and transparent.



Low-code digital workflow management platform designed to increase efficiency and reduce costs in user interface development of blockchain based software solutions.

Modex partner network

We leverage our powerful partnerships to deliver successful outcomes for our customers in their digital transformation journey.