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Our colleague Iulia Dinu joined Modex in 2019 as Project Manager after a career in the sales industry, mobile apps and in the digital zone. The challenges she solved after becoming a part of our team have sharpened her as a professional, and today she firmly believes that Modex is the right place to work. Why? Find out in this new #WeAreModex interview.

Iulia graduated from the Faculty of Economical Sciences, Marketing degree as she was passionate about advertising and TV commercials. Back in 1999 the concept of digital marketing was not developed yet, so the advertising techniques back then were focused on TV and print ads. “By following this course I’ve managed to learn more about strategic marketing basics, marketing policies and, of course, economy politics. Later on, the knowledge acquired at university was completed by a series of Sales Management and negotiating courses as in the second year of university I’ve decided to focus my attention on the sales management area”, recalls Iulia.

Discovering the sales industry

“I’ve discovered the sales industry in my second year at the university and that’s when I wanted to learn more about this domain. The first jobs I had in this field helped me see the way in which I could apply in real life what I’ve learned at university.” Why did Iulia enjoy working in Sales so much? “Because in this segment you have to constantly perfect yourself and learn even more, as the market is continuously changing, and you always have to be on the lookout and open to change. As a sales person, getting to the point where you’re not pushing anymore is your greatest enemy. The experience I’ve gained working as a sales person at Interbrands Marketing & Distribution – Procter&Gamble Division was defining for my professional evolution. It was during that time I’ve learned fundamental things about sales, strategy and pre-vision, category management, consumer analysis and behaviour – this latest aspect being essential in understanding the fast moving consuming goods (FMCG) market.”

Moving from B2C to B2B sales

This experience made her eager to discover even more sales branches. “So I’ve explored the pharmaceutical market and then B2B Sales, where I’ve stayed. Compared to B2C, the B2B process is completely different. First, you have to build from scratch a client portfolio and use your analysis, planning and strategy skills to the fullest. You need good planning because we always speak about objectives (targets, as sales people call them), sharing objectives per client and the strategy adopted for each client. Basically, the line between sales management and project management is thinner than one might think as each client can be approached as a stand-alone project, where you use resources and get results (just like with project management).”

Getting closer to mobile apps and the digital zone

Moving on, Iulia dealt with mobile apps and got closer to the digital zone. “I’ve been a Key Account Manager for two mobile applications: one destined for client fidelity and the other – a premium ride sharing app, known on the Romanian market. For this one I had to also use my project management skills as we’ve started from scratch a premium, niched service destined for kids’ transport, Kidscab, a service which is active and generates revenue even today. Therefore, project management at Modex came as the natural step since I wanted to get as far away as possible from my comfort zone and discover what lies behind a software project.”

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Modex, a new chapter in her professional journey

“My story at Modex begins in 2019 and when one of the company’s co-founders, offered me the Project Manager job which I accepted right away as it was a natural step that I needed to evolve professionally. At that time I was the Sales Director of the distributor for Romania of a well-known professional audio and Hi-Fi brand. I knew the concept of blockchain, I’ve read about it and I was convinced it would positively impact the world we live in. Moreover, the name of the company was familiar and I already knew the Moneymailme money transfer and chat app. Right from the start I felt it would be a new path I’m embarking on, totally unfamiliar, and that it’s never too late to grow professionally. I like to think that change sharpens your mind and you evolve by moving away from your comfort zone.”

Tools and data – essential in project management

Curious to find out more about Iulia’s duties at work? Here are more details: “The Project Manager job involves planning, following the execution of tasks, evaluating results and reporting info about projects to top management. I use a software tool which centralizes all the info related to resources and objectives and my job is to make sure this info is as accurate as possible. When it comes to software development, there are a few key questions which guarantee a smooth work flow: When will a certain resource become available? How busy that resource is? When will the project be finalized? Because of this, the software I’m speaking about and the data it comprises are essential in project management in order to make some decisions.”

Making sure the processes run smoothly

Iulia adds: “As part of my work, I have to make sure that the info is correct and that the flow of processes is correctly understood by all teams involved. How do I do that? Together with the team leads I’m planning the tasks for every team member, I’m checking the timesheets and I do weekly reports to make sure the data is accurate. As the company and its employees have grown over the past years, so did the volume of data and so the need for automatization of some processes arises; it’s my responsibility to see that this process goes smoothly. For this, I had to use my programming skills from high school, but I also had the support of my colleagues.”

Getting better by solving all kinds of challenges

Further commenting on her work, Iulia states: “I’m doing periodical updates on procedures in the PM department and organize trainings with the software we’re using so that new employees understand it in order to take the best decisions in their line of work. I’m also taking part in the meetings of various departments within the company and I make sure there’s a task for each resource involved. Within the Research and Development team, I’m the scrum master and the organizer of daily scrum meetings. I also offer support to our teams and the management, as well as an overview about ongoing projects through reports and agile boards. I love the dynamic of my job and I’m delighted to see there’s always a challenge around the corner which I enjoy solving, thus constantly getting better at what I do.”

Good communication between teams, essential for success

Since Iulia spoke about a few challenges, we wanted to learn more about them. “When I joined Modex I was sure there would be a lot of challenges waiting. Words such as ‘release’, ‘staging’ or ‘OAuth 2.0’ were unknown to me. However, I realized that – just as there’s a sales process and a CRM in the sales department – there was also a software development process at Modex which I had to understand. After the first meeting I had with the software development team members I wrote down all the words that I wasn’t familiar with, doing what a project manager does: splitting the ‘problem’ in ‘smaller problems’, then started solving them one by one.”

Iulia goes on and says that “the biggest challenge was the know-how from this industry, and also the fear that I wouldn’t be able to perform at the same high level from my sales period. The challenges continued, but with each one I’ve learned something new. I understood that communicating with people is essential for the team and that the objective must always be on top of everything. Since joining Modex, I had lots of projects to deal with and I always had to prioritize the tasks – my tasks, but also the team’s tasks.”

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That feeling of working in the right place

What does Iulia like the most about Modex as a company? “I strongly resonate with the company’s mission, which is pleasantly in tune with the working environment. Modex is the company where you ‘can be what you want to be’ and you can evolve with the support of the management and the support of your colleagues. When I wanted to write bits of code in order to streamline the PM process my developer colleagues kindly explained the most important elements in order to do this. I have colleagues who wanted to perform in another department and when they were ready, it happened. I like Modex because there’s transparency around and everyone can have an idea which is then analyzed. Modex’s employees are constantly up to date with the changes and the company’s performance and that makes them feel much more than a tiny wheel in a larger mechanism which can be replaced at some point. This attention for the company’s employees makes me feel that I’m working in the right place. For Modex, its people are an important resource as the company’s level of innovation and progress depends on them.”

A good dynamic of work relationships

How would Iulia describe Modex for someone who doesn’t know the company? “Here I’ve discovered a leadership style which helps people work together. At Modex you are heard when you have something to say. In this company, the manager-employee relationship is governed by fairness. By working with various teams, I can observe the dynamic of the relationships within those teams and I’m glad to be part of those teams who work together to achieve the goals set by the management. This is also the reason for which – given the pandemic – the efficient communication between teams working from home brought normality to the table.”

“Another thing which defines the working style at Modex is that every employee who has something to say isn’t overlooked and everyone’s feedback / opinions are important for the team. By taking into account the employees’ feedback and ideas motivates them even more, and good motivation increases productivity. Therefore, if I were to answer the question that recruiters ask during a job interview ‘What can you tell me about the desired work environment?’, I would answer: Modex.”

When achieving performance is guaranteed

We’ve also asked Iulia to offer some advice for those who’d like to start a career and do what she does. “I believe that in order to be successful, whatever you do, you need determination, ambition and the responsibility of your work. You also need to offer maximum quality in everything you do. Regarding the Project Manager job, essential skills needed: analytical thinking, synthesis capacity and logical orientation. If all these are backed by experience and knowing the software development process, as well as communication skills, achieving performance is guaranteed.”

Every new experience comes with a lesson learned

If Iulia were to turn back the time and start her career all over again, would she do the same thing or something else? “I would follow the same path, without doubt, because every new experience comes with a lesson learned, and every lesson means a step forward. I believe that in 2021 you can’t have regrets towards doing things differently as you are one click away from learning anything thanks to online courses which help you perfect your work and even make a desired change.”

Still in love with printed books

We’re ending our chat with Iulia by speaking about her hobbies and how she spends her free time. “I enjoy reading – I confess that I still like hard cover, printed books – and travelling (as much as the current context allows). I like going to the beach, I enjoy snorkelling, I play with the polymer clay, but I’m also watching marketing and digital commerce channels and I’m listening to trance music.”