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#WeAreModex series of interviews about our tech team continues with Iulian Cireasa, Software Quality Assurance Manager. We spoke with Iulian about what it takes to become a successful software apps developer, about the future of blockchain and fintech industries, as well as the rising need for developers.

“I’ve graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Transylvania University, Brasov. It was exactly what I wanted to study after finishing high-school, where I’ve specialized in Telecommunications”, says Iulian at the start of our conversation.

“My passion for technology started in primary school, when I went to an electronics course in Braila. I liked that course a lot and it made me curious. After finishing it I wanted to find out as much as possible about technology and particularly about computers, their components and how they worked. My first experience with testing was right after graduating from University, when I worked for Allview Mobile in Brasov, where I did both software and hardware testing.”


In search of new career opportunities

After seven years, Iulian chose to relocate to Bucharest for more career opportunities in tech and software development. “The first contact I had with Modex was through Alin Iftemi, whom I’ve known for a long time, who presented the project to me. I’ve considered Modex to be a perfect fit for me, so I decided to join in 2016.” After joining the company, which was a start-up back then, the first project Iulian worked on was Moneymailme, where he had to test the app on iOS and Android devices. “Currently, my team and I are working at Modex on Custom Development projects such as eConsultare platform and others which will soon be launched on the market.”

Adapting to new technologies on the go

Speaking about Moneymailme, the money transfer and chat app available for free in AppStore and Google Play, Iulian recalls: “The Moneymailme project has been very challenging since it was my responsibility to make sure that, from the quality point of view, the app was working within the normal parameters and there were no errors preventing users from taking advantage of the app’s functionalities.” Iulian added: “Just like technology continuously evolves, the job of software tester means that you have to adapt to new technologies and the fact that I can learn new things, which help me evolve professionally, represents a very important aspect for me.”


Modex, a tech company with a global mindset

We’ve also asked Iulian to tell us how he sees the working environment at Modex, a tech company based in London, with offices in Silicon Valley, Gibraltar, Bucharest and soon Washington DC. “I believe that Modex is a company where you can grow professionally. I’ve learned many things about the IT industry from colleagues who were more experienced than me. After four and a half years of working here I’m as motivated as when I started, and I enjoy a lot the projects I’m working on.”

The future of blockchain and fintech

How will the future look like for blockchain and fintech? Iulian shares his thoughts: “I think that the need for digitalization, in many industries, will continue to rise. At the same time, the need for developers and for software applications testers will grow as this will ease the work we do every day, our daily tasks, but also our lives. With its underlying characteristics, blockchain technology will grow over the coming years and will be used even more, on the global scale, in an increasing number of domains. As for fintech, I believe that it will continue to be a reference point in the technology’s development.”

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A successful career in developing software apps

“In my opinion, the working environment within the company, but also the people you’re working with, are two important aspects. At Modex, these aspects have weighed a lot for me as I enjoy collaborating with my colleagues and the fact that we can work from home during these difficult times is a plus.” At the end of our chat, we’ve asked Iulian to share his recommendations for those who’d like to have a tech career. “From my point of view, if you’d like to have a career in developing software apps you need to have attention to details, you need to be capable of understanding how an app works, technically speaking, and also to enjoy what you’re doing, to be eager to learn new technologies.”