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At a time when companies in every industry are acknowledging the importance of data integrity and data security, you can harness the growing interest in blockchain-based enterprise solutions and enjoy numerous advantages by joining our BCDB Partner Program.

Our comprehensive Partner Program is a great opportunity for you to strengthen your business by accessing the highly competitive and rapidly-growing blockchain enterprise solutions market. It provides exciting and tangible benefits that are proportional to the level of expertise and commitment attained by each partner. Program requirements have been carefully selected to ensure that all members represent Modex and its technologies in the best possible way.

Unique programs designed around your needs

The BCDB Partner Program consists of several unique programs designed for the following partner types:

Value-added resellers – You wish to purchase our license to sell to end-users at a markup bundled with added features, integrations, configurations or other professional services.

System integrators – You are able to identify, design, and deploy solutions on top of Modex BCDB and ensure that the integrated system addresses real market needs.

Resellers – If you have links to companies that might benefit from a solution like Modex BCDB, you can play a pivotal role in generating sales for us while also growing your revenues.

Technology – You offer a hardware platform, cloud service, or software application that integrates with our blockchain database.

OEM – Modex BCDB (Blockchain Database) can be offered as a white-label product to be embedded into your application and re-branded to reflect your brand identity.

Affiliate Partner – If Modex can establish meaningful connections to other companies with your help, you will be compensated for your support.

Partner levels and benefits

Regardless of the industry your company is active in or the size of the business, Modex’s BCDB Partner Program brings numerous benefits for every company, benefits we’ve included in three categories (see below). Your partner level determines the specific technical, sales, and marketing benefits you will receive.

Modex Seed

Build your go-to-market activities and address customer challenges with Modex. You will have full access to all technical information, collateral, and marketing resources for building best-in-class blockchain solutions.

Modex Advanced

We will engage in joint go-to-market, sales, and development activities with companies with significant market presence and expertise in strategic areas for Modex. Some Advanced Level companies may choose to resell Modex products as part of an integrated solution.

Modex Elite

Iconic IT companies making significant investments in joint go-to-market solutions and delivering industry-leading products to clients can become Elite partners. Some Elite partners may choose to resell Modex products and participate in the BCDB Partner Program as part of an integrated solution.

About Modex

Modex innovates in order to solve the last mile adoption problem of digital technology in society. Modex offers fully integrated data protection solutions and aims to make digital technologies user-friendly for organizations and people. Modex is a leading Blockchain Database provider offering real data integrity, log immutability and data security to help companies protect valuable information.