Key Concept Of Blockchain Database BCDB

Modex BCDB is a software product designed to empower businesses by enabling them to develop and deploy blockchain software solutions.

From a technical standpoint, Modex BCDB falls into the middleware category, as it positions itself between the client’s software application server and their database.

What sets Modex BCDB apart is its approach to handling data. From the start, the minds behind this new innovative take on blockchain technology decided to employ a minimally invasive approach, in the sense that companies and enterprises keep their database system intact. Their proposed solution which later took the shape of Modex BCDB modifies a set of connectors in order to link the database to a blockchain network, thus significantly enhancing storage capabilities.

The key concept of blockchain database BCDB revolves around enabling enterprises to connect their legacy systems to a blockchain backend, granting them access to all of the advantages and inherent capabilities of this technology: data distribution, immutability, as well as a real-time backup functionality.

key concept

A core feature that distinguishes Modex BCDB is the fact that it is blockchain and database agnostic.

This characteristic opens a new window of opportunities, as compatibility related issues become a thing of the past. Regardless of the type of database a company is employing, or the type of blockchain it wishes to connect to, our solution ensures a seamless connection between the two technologies.

Modex BCDB doesn’t aim to replace the existing database but to improve it by adding a blockchain layer. By situating itself between the database component and the client’s software application, Modex BCDB ensures a higher degree of security and trust, while giving access to a mechanism through which clients can create their own infrastructure.

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