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“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”, Confucius said. If you are passionate about technology, about innovative products and services, then working at Modex won’t seem like a job at all. It will feel like an amazing journey into the future. 

A rewarding journey, both professional and personal, where you’ll get to experience some of the most advanced technologies around, a place where your skills will make a difference in changing many lives for the better. In some way or another, that’s how our colleagues describe the working environment at Modex. 


Our mission, vision and values

Modex’s journey began in 2017, when three tech visionaries – Mihai Ivascu (CEO), Alin Iftemi (Chief Business Officer) and Dragos Rautu (Chief Technology Officer) – founded the company united by the same bold vision. Today, Modex is a leading Blockchain Database and data protection solutions provider, offering a trademark technology based on blockchain with real-time data integrity, immutability, and data security to help companies protect their valuable information.

#WeAreModex and we take pride in working with the latest technologies available on the market. Our philosophy is simple: we develop and deliver the best tech products and solutions which meet the requirements of our clients. Products and service which not only serve a well-defined purpose, but they also contribute to advancing the tech industry one step further. At Modex, we value creativity and commitment. We are a young team and we are constantly looking for enthusiastic people to be part of our long-term success story. Our relentless drive and unwavering passion for visionary technologies are guiding us as we aim for the future.

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Lead the future while having fun

We help organizations, businesses, and individuals to protect their digital data. Our technology offers real-time data integrity and security, permission-based access, and data sharing mechanisms. Since day one, our goal has been to make blockchain technology user-friendly for enterprises and people. Innovation has always been one of Modex’s core values. 

Knowing that we can make a better tomorrow for us and the society we live in is what drives us forward. Regardless of the industry we’re developing products for, our professionals are working relentlessly to come up with efficient solutions to meet the stringent demands of companies and end-users alike.

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Our mission is to offer blockchain technology, with its inherent qualities and advantages, to enterprises in an easy-to-adopt and to implement manner. Through our products and solutions, we facilitate blockchain adoption for companies so they can succeed in their endeavour to bring good to the people, to improve their lives. 

Why should you choose Modex?

Applying for a job with Modex, then getting to work here feels more like joining a family of tech specialists, like-minded people passionate about making the world better, and less like the traditional recruitment process. By working at Modex, you can widen your tech horizon and be part of exciting projects which create the future. With innovative development tools at your disposal – some of them not available on the market yet – you will grow, both on the professional and personal level, and you will contribute to creating the greater good for the people, empowering the new digital society we already live in.

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The future is now, the future is Modex

Curious to find out what made our colleagues apply and get a job at Modex? Some have chosen our company for its “visionary technology” and for the founders’ “extensive experience in the tech field”. Others wanted to be part of Modex because they love to code, because they’ve seen a potential to grow, to evolve on many levels, and they also knew “happy people working at Modex”. The opportunity to develop new products using the latest technologies, the company’s vision and the drive to solve the challenges of blockchain technology were three other reasons for joining Modex. 

“I wanted to join a company on the rise, full of opportunities and without a boring preset to-do list”, said one of our colleagues, while another added: “A startup-like company is one of the best places to grow as a programmer, and the chances of learning are higher in a not-so-big and old company.” Last, but not least, “the opportunity to be part of a small and great team”, the will to work in a tech company “which will bring many professional satisfactions” and the fact that “people I work with are special for me” convinced many of our colleagues to join the Modex family.

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A welcoming and rewarding workplace

Modex provides a dynamic, diverse and inclusive workplace, with equal growth opportunities to all of its employees, regardless of nationality, age, skin colour, religion, gender identity and expression or sexual orientation. Fairness, respect and commitment are values which can be found in the company’s philosophy, as well as collaboration and teamwork. 

Besides a creative work environment with amazing views over the city and multiple personal growth opportunities, we also offer competitive salaries and bonus packages. Modex employees enjoy financial benefits, paid holidays, health insurance and other advantages aimed at keeping them happy and inspired to create even more amazing tech products and services. 

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