Escrow Service

Contract purpose

This is a contract used for buying and selling activities, with the help of an escrow. The escrow is the one who deploys the contract and selects who the seller and who the buyer is. A buyer can release the funds to the seller, and a seller can refund the buyer. An escrow can do both of this and receives a fee. If either the buyer or the seller wants help they should talk with the escrow.

A normal buying process would be:

buyer sends funds to the contract -> seller sends the item -> buyer releases funds to the seller

Customizable Variables

parameter nametypedetails
buyerintegersets the buyer address
sellerintegersets the seller address
escrowFeeintegersets escrow fee (ex 1 = 1%)

Exposed methods

deposit lets the buyer deposit ETH to the smart contract

releaseFundsToSeller allows the buyer or the escrow to release the funds

refundBuyer allows the seller or the escrow to refund the buyer

getStatus get the current status of the transaction

Return details


getBalance allows anybody to check the balance amount

getDepositTimeUnlockDate gets when the deposit will be unlocked

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