Expense track

Contract Purpose

The contract has as purpose to keep track of expenses, based on a category-subcategory structure. The owner has liberty to build this structure as he/she wants.

Customizable Variables

struct ExpenseDetail
- Parameters:
- uint256_expenseAmount stores the expense amount
- uint256expenseTime stores the date-time in epoch value (Epoch, also known as Unix timestamps, is the number of seconds (not milliseconds!) that have elapsed since January 1, 1970 at 00:00:00 GMT (1970-01-01 00:00:00 GMT).)

owner stores the contract owner address
categoryCounter stores the expense category counter
subCategoryCounter stores the expense subcategory counter
expenseCategories is a list of expense categories expenseSubCategories is a list of expense subcategories expenses is a map of ExpenseDetail struct element described above, in relation to subcategoryId

Exposed Methods

1. __addExpenseCategories__ adds an expense category
    - string _expenseCategory) 
  1. addExpenseSubCategories adds an expense subcategory Parameters:

    • string _expenseSubCategory
  2. addExpense adds an expense Parameters:

    • uint256 _expenseSubCategoryId
    • uint256 _expenseDateTimeEpochValue
    • uint256 _value
  3. getExpenseCategory gets an expense category based on the id Parameters:

    • uint256 _expenseCategoryId
  4. getExpenseSubCategory gets an expense subcategory based on the id Parameters:

    • uint256 _expenseSubCategoryId
  5. getCategoryCounter gets the number of categories

  6. getSubCategoryCounter gets the number of subcategories


  1. addExpenseCategories("Transport")"
  2. addExpenseSubCategories("Gas")
  3. addExpense(1,1499851838,1000)
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