Hotel Reservation

Custom purpose

> The purpose of the contract is to act like a hotel room register. It tracks all transactions made on the hotel, for each room.


owner: the contract owner address; is the contract creator
roomNoList rooms list
roomNoInList used to check if the room is already added
roomReservations map of room reservations
roomReservationsIndex index of room reservations
accountsList accounts list
accountsWithReservation account with reservations
accountReservations map of accounts reservations
accountReservationsIndex index of accounts reservations

Exposed methods

addRoom add room in list
getRoomsList get the rooms list
getAccountList get the accounts list
addAccount add an account allowed to make reservation
addReservation add a reservation for a room and account

getNoOfRoomReservations get number of reservations per Room Number
getNoOfAccountReservations get the number of reservations per account
getRoomNoReservationWithNumber get details the room reservation with number
getAccountReservationWithNumber get details account reservation with number
changeStatusRoomNoReservationWithNumber change status for a room reservation
changeStatusAccountReservationWithNumber change status for a account reservation


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