New CrowdFund


Contract purpose

The purpose of the contract is to crowdfund a project through the Ethereum blockchain. It defines a deadline and an amount to raise by this deadline. In case the target is not reached the payments are reverted to the owners.

Exposed methods


contribute Contribute with the amount you send with the transaction

getRefund Get a refund in case the minimum amount is not raised till the deadline

parameter nametypedetails
idintegercontribution id

payOut Get a payout to the fund recepient, once the target of the crowdfunding is reached and the deadline passed

removeContract Selfdestructs the contract if executed by owner or the contract and the deadline passed

completeAt Get the completion date

creator Get the creator and owner of the contract

currentBalance Get the current balance

fundRecepient Get the recipient of the crowdfunding; can be different from the owner

minimumToRaise Get the minimum amount to crowdfund

raiseBy Get the deadline

state Get the crowdfund state: Fundraising, ExpiredRefund, Successful, Closed

totalRaised Get the total amount raised

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