Patents Record

Contract purpose

This Smart Contract acts like a secure database where references to registered patents can be stored securely and transparent.

Exposed methods and variables

patentManager the ethereum address of the database manager

addPatent allows the manager to add a new registered patent to the contract list and it emits the PatentAdded event

parameter nametypedetails
_referenceNumberstringunique identifier of the patent
_patentSummarystringa summary about the patent content
_registrationDateintegerthe date when the patent was approved and registered (unix time )

getPatentDetails return the details of a previously added patent

parameter nametypedetails
_referenceNumberstringunique identifier of the patent

getPatentsOfOwner returns the number of patent a person has

parameter nametypedetails
_patentOwnerethereum addressthe address of the patents owner



parameter nametypedetails
ReferenceNumberstringthe unique identifier of the patent
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