Recurring Payments

Custom purpose

> The purpose of the contract is to act like a reccuring payments register.
It keeps track of all the payments. When any pay event is raised the contract executes the pay.


owner: the contract owner address; is the contract creator
RecurringPayment reccuring payment structure that has as subparameters:

  • toBePayedAccount is the address of the account to receive the payment
  • amount is reccuring payment amount
  • fromTimestamp is the timestamp of the time from which the reccuring payment starts
  • timeCycle is the cycle period in seconds for the payment to be executed

recurringPaymentsList the list of reccuring payments
recurringPaymentsIndex the index list of reccuring payments

Exposed methods

addNewRecurringPayment add a new reccuring payment to the list
getRecurringPayment get a reccuring payment from the list by index
executePayment execute the reccuring payment


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