Token contract

Contract purpose

This is a token contract based on the ERC20 token standard. ERC20 protocol allows developers to develop a token that complies with common, basic behavioral rules.


tokenName: sets token name
tokenSymbol: sets token symbol
tokenDecimals: sets token number of decimals
tokensForIco: sets amount of tokens dedicated to ICO
lockedTokenAmount: sets amount of tokens for short term financing the company
reservedTokenAmount: sets amount of tokens the tokens reserve for the bounty-marketing program

Exposed methods

approve allow another contract or person to spend some tokens in your behalf

parameter nametypedetails
spenderaddressdelegate the transfer tokens in my name
valueintegerproposal position in list

approve delegate the vote to address
transferFrom transfers from address to address vualue tokens

parameter nametypedetails
fromaddresstransfer from this address
toaddresstransfer to this address
valueintegertransfer this value

tokenDecimals gets the token decimals
burn distroys the remaining tokens

tokenName gets the token name
balanceOf gets the balance of the provided address

parameter nametypedetails
addressaddresstransfer from this address

icoAddress gets the ICO address
startTime gets the start time
tokenSymbol gets the token symbol

tokenStandard gets the token standard
tokensForIco gets the number of tokens for Ico
lockedTokenAmount gets the number of locked tokens for short term financing the company
setEarlyTradingStart set early trading start

parameter nametypedetails
newStartintegerstart time in seconds

transfer transfers from my address _to address _value tokens

parameter nametypedetails
toaddresstransfer to this address
valueintegertransfer this value

lockReleaseDate gets lockReleaseDate value
setIcoAddress delegate the vote to address

parameter nametypedetails
icoAddressaddresssets icoAddress to this address

activeTime gets active time
contractOwner gets the contractOwner address
allowance show remaining tokens allowed to transfer from _address1 for _address2

parameter nametypedetails
fromaddressthis address allows transfer
toaddressthis address has right to transfer

reservedTokenAmount gets the reserved token amount

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