Contract purpose

Smart Contract that acts like a transcript of records for a student

Contract parameters

_FirstName: student's first name

_LastName : student's last name

Exposed methods and variables

manager address of the contract creator, the person who manages student's records. The function returns the unique id of the course by with it can be further identified inside the contract

nrOfCourses the number of courses the student has taken

addCourse called by the system manager to add a course

parameter nametypedetails
_unitCodeintegerthe code the host university gives to a specific academic course
_titlestringthe title of the course the student has attended at your his university
_durationintegerthe duration of the course (if one semester or two)
_gradeintegerexam mark
_ECTSintegerthe ECTS credits the student has gained by passing the exam
_yearintegerthe academic year when the course was taken

updateGrade called by the system manager to update the grade if the student has taken a reexamination

parameter nametypedetails
courseIDintegerthe id returned by the previous function
newGradeintegerthe new grade for this course

getCourseDetails function that returns the course details

parameter nametypedetails
courseIDintegerthe id return by the first function
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